Boost Mobile intros cheapest unlimited wireless plan in the U.S.

Boost Mobile has announced the launch of the Carrier Crusher unlimited wireless plan that is set to be the U.S. wireless industry’s cheapest unlimited wireless plan. It will be available starting on Thursday, July 28th.

The cost of the Carrier Crusher plan will be pegged at $25/month forever, so long as the plan stays active in autopay. According to Boost Mobile, the plan will cover everything the typical wireless user needs: unlimited talk, text, and 5G/4G data.

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Boost Mobile's Carrier Crusher plan offers unlimited 5G data, talk, and text for just $25 per month

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Although customers may see this as a temporary promotion gimmick by a wireless carrier seeking to grow its user base quickly, Boost Mobile affirms that the Carrier Crusher plan is no gimmick and that it is as advertised.

All you need to do is pay $25/per month. Boost Mobile will not make the demands typical of wireless carriers’ promotions, such as a three-month prepaid requirement or a family plan commitment.

The wireless service provider is launching the plan to empower customers since inflation is causing prices of goods and services to rise across the board, including wireless plans.

While other wireless providers are increasing the costs of their plans, especially the Big Three wireless providers, Boost Mobile is launching the Carrier Crusher plan to make wireless more accessible to people without stringent requirements, taking a direct shot at competing wireless carriers.

According to Stephen Stokols, head of Boost Mobile,

“There’s not a wireless option on the market as compelling as Boost Mobile’s $25 forever plan. We know consumers have been overpaying for unlimited access – as much as $80 a month with the other guys.”

At $25 per month, the Carrier Crusher plan from Boost Mobile costs 50% less than comparable plans from other 5G wireless service providers, effectively making it the cheapest unlimited wireless plan in the U.S. It can cut your wireless plan expenses by as much as $400 a year per individual.

You can learn more about the Carrier Crusher plan at Boost Mobile.

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