Hemlock Grove is leaving Netflix: Where to watch it next

Netflix subscribers only have until next month to watch Hemlock Grove on the streaming service.

The platform announced in its most recent newsletter earlier this week that the horror series is leaving the streamer on October 22nd. Launched in April 2013, Hemlock Grove was one of the first original series that Netflix put out that year, with House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black as the two others. While it’s bittersweet to see a Netflix original be removed from the platform’s library, this, actually, is pretty normal. In fact, over 60 Netflix original shows and movies have already left the service for different reasons.

Why is Hemlock Grove leaving Netflix?

Though Hemlock Grove is a Netflix original, the underlying rights to the show is actually owned by Gaumont International Television, with the streamer only serving as the program’s exclusive distributor. Apparently, Netflix’s distribution deal with the studio will expire on October 22nd, which explains the impending departure of the series from the streaming service.

Where to watch Hemlock Grove

All three seasons of Hemlock Grove are still streaming on Netflix. But after it leaves the streamer on October 22nd, it’s not clear where it will be available next.

For some reason, according to What’s on Netflix, most Netflix originals that have left the series thus far don’t find any new streaming home. But Gaumont International will likely try to find a new home for the show in the open market and Netflix can still bid on the said rights if it wants to.

Hemlock Grove plot

Based on Brian McGreevy’s 2012 novel of the same name, Hemlock Grave examines the strange happenings in Hemlock Grove, a fictional town in Pennsylvania. Roman Godfrey, heir to the town’s wealthy Godfrey family, befriends the town’s newcomer, Peter Rumancek. Recent brutal murders in the town have stirred up rumors, and the two work together to shed light on the case while also hiding their own dark secrets.

Hemlock Grove cast

Hemlock Grove starred Famke Janssen as Olivia Godfrey, Bill Skarsgård as Roman Godfrey, Landon Liboiron as Peter Rumancek, Dougray Scott as Dr. Norman Godfrey, Kaniehtiio Horn as Destiny Rumancek, and Kaniehtiio Horn as Destiny Rumancek.

The show also featured performances by Penelope Mitchell as Letha Godfrey, Freya Tingley as Christina Wendall, Joel de la Fuente as Dr. Johann Pryce, and Nicole Boivin and Madeleine Martin sharing the role of Shelley Godfrey.

Hemlock Grove recognitions

In 2013, the serieswas nominated for Outstanding Special Visual Effects and Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music at the Primetime Emmy Awards. In 2015, Martin was nominated for Best TV Supporting Actress at Fangoria Chainsaw Awards. In the same year, the series received a nod for Outstanding Visual Effects in a Visual Effects-Driven Photoreal/Live Action Broadcast Program at Visual Effects Society Award.

Hemlock Grove trailer

Want to know more about the show? Check out the trailer below:

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