Kez Smart Band is a safety wearable that records the emergency

There’s a new safety wearable on the block, and this one is smart enough to detect all kinds of emergencies and disasters – and even record them as they’re happening.

Kez Co., LTD, a Korean startup, has developed the Kez Smart band, a wearable safety device designed to help prevent safety-related accidents for vulnerable persons like the elderly, patients with dementia, disabled persons, and children who might go missing or suffer domestic accidents.

The Kez Smart Band collects, measures, and manages real-time biological data using its built-in bio information detection sensor, position sensor, mobile communications module, camera, and sound recorder.

There’s no necessary action required by the wearer to trigger an alert by the system. The company says its patented algorithms in the Kez Smart Band monitor the wearer’s vitals, activity levels, and impact severity by comparing the individual’s basic biodata to the biodata reading at any point in time to determine if there is a problem that the guardian needs to be notified about.

The device will send an SOS alert automatically to the designated guardian when its bio-sensors sense an anomaly in the heart rate, temperature, and motion of the wearer. A GPS location tracking feature will alert the guardian to the wearer’s exact location to save valuable time.

Kez Smart Band

The company claims that once an SOS alert is made, the device will automatically begin to record the environment to allow the guardian to assess 360 wide-video and audio footage to determine the accident’s severity and how to best manage the situation.

In addition to helping guardians monitor their dependents, Kez Co. claims its technology can be used to alert fire departments, hospitals, and disaster management authorities. Furthermore, Kez Co. says 360 wide-view footage can be used for disaster and fire evidence.

Kez Smart Band availability

The Kez Smart Band safety wearable is currently only available in the Korean market. However, the company disclosed in an interactive session with GEEKSPIN that it is working on collaborating with overseas telecoms, healthcare, and workforce companies to pioneer product sales channels.

If its efforts yield positive results, the Kez Smart Band should soon be available to U.S. customers.

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