MediaTek’s Pentonic 700 will power 120Hz 4K smart TVs

MediaTek just announced two new chipsets for powering next-level 5G devices and 4K TV displays.

The MediaTek T830 platform was designed to power next-gen 5G mobile hotspot devices and fixed wireless routers, while the MediaTek Pentonic 700 platform combines support for gaming, video, and AI image enhancements to power next-level 4k smart TV displays with a 120Hz refresh rate.

MediaTek T830

The T830 chipset integrates a 4G/5G cellular modem with support for Wi-Fi, Ethernet and peripheral expansion

With the T830 platform, MediaTek hopes to unlock higher levels of performance for device makers, operators, and internet users while enabling better battery efficiency.

The T830 chipset integrates a 4G/5G cellular modem and offers support for Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and peripheral expansion. It consists of a 2.2GHz quad-core application processor, a dedicated MediaTek Network Processing Unit, and a dedicated QoS Acceleration and Tunneling Offload Engine.

Thanks to its compact size and high efficiency, the T830 platform allows next-gen 5G devices to be manufactured at a lower cost by reducing product development costs and increasing accessibility to multi-gigabit speed hotspots and routers for internet users.

The chip has been designed keeping Wi-Fi 7 in mind so that broadband users can continue to enjoy their T830-powered devices for a long time.

MediaTek Pentonic 700

The Pentonic 700 integrates video, group calls, AI image enhancements, and connectivity support to ensure great viewing experiences

The Pentonic 700 chipset is designed to turn next-gen 120Hz 4K smart TVs into next-level entertainment centers for movie fans and gamers. The all-in-one chip integrates video, group calls, AI image enhancements, and connectivity support to ensure users have great viewing experiences with smart TVs that use the chip.

The Pentonic 700 platform features display-enhancing technologies that intelligently adjusts the display to enhance the image quality of 4K screens while enabling higher power efficiency levels.

Last but not least, the chip can stream multiple windows of content in a single view, showcasing various news and information sources simultaneously in offices. It can be integrated with high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity to enable watch parties and group calls.

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