Oppo’s AI can create a digital avatar of you that dances

OPPO has announced a breakthrough in its AI-backed technology that will simplify digital avatar creation for use in 3D spaces.

The company claims that it plans to use this technology to make advancements in virtual clothes fitting, XR collaborations, lifelike avatar creation in VR/AR worlds, improved character and animation in video games, and other new experiences in entertainment.

Once the feature is released, OPPO Find X5 Pro smartphone users with the help of the company’s Digital Avatar Lab can create digital avatars of themselves using photos taken from different angles. The AI algorithm will then automate the rest of the process to create an animated avatar.

How does OPPO’s digital avatar technology work?

While OPPO aims to support more use cases in the future, the new AI-based technology is currently restricted to believe it or not – dancing.

Once a 3D model is created, OPPO’s AI algorithm matches it to the pre-defined dance movements of a professional dancer to animate the model and make it dance. Users can implement various dance moves for their avatars.

Oppo has managed to accomplish this feat by pooling together a few of their Oppo Find X5 Pro smartphones.

Eventually, the avatars will be advanced enough to support more scenarios that would feature different kinds of interactional experiences.

In its press release, OPPO emphasizes “cloth deformations” as one of its digital avatar technology’s major improvements. This means that the AI algorithm recognizes the clothes in the photos and animates them separate from the rest of the 3D model to make the dance moves look more realistic.

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