Tabitha Swatosh net worth: How rich is the TikTok star?

Tabitha Swatosh is an American model and social media personality with a huge following on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. Though she regularly creates long-form videos like other online stars, most of her videos on the Internet are short ones. Despite their length, she actually makes a lot of fortune from them. Want to know how much she earns? Read on to find out what Tabitha Swatosh net worth is and how she was able to make lots of money at a young age.

How much is Tabitha Swatosh net worth?

According to multiple online reports, Tabitha Swatosh net worth is estimated at $3 million. Below is a rundown of how was able to amass such a huge amount of money in a relatively short amount of time.

Tabitha Swatosh as a social media influencer

The biggest chunk of Tabitha Swatosh net worth comes from her earnings from promoting different brands on her social media accounts.

Tabitha Swatosh TikTok

A screenshot of Tabitha Swatosh TikTok page | Income from brand endorsements on TikTok contributes to Tabitha Swatosh net worth
A screenshot of Tabitha Swatosh TikTok page | Earnings from brand endorsements on TikTok contributes to Tabitha Swatosh net worth

Before finding fame as a TikTok celebrity, Swatosh competed in a number of beauty pageants and won the following titles: Miss Missouri State University, Miss Merry Christmas 2017, Missouri Teen 2018, and Lamar Fair Queen 2018. While those wins gave her a taste of what it’s like to be popular, she became even more famous when she began making TikTok videos in 2019.

Swatosh’s TikTok videos are a great mix of lip-sync videos, dance videos, green screen performances, and story times. As of October 2022, Swatosh has almost 13 million followers on the platform and has received more than 654 million likes.

According to Sportskeeda, Swatosh had an income of between $50,000 and $130,000 from TikTok in 2019 alone.

Tabitha Swatosh YouTube Channel

Ad revenues from YouTube also contribute to Tabitha Swatosh net worth. As of October 2022, her self-titled YouTube Channel has over 1.96 million followers. Swatosh joined YouTube in April 2020, where she uploaded her first-ever video, titled FIRST YOUTUBE VIDEO.

In her YouTube debut, Swatosh introduced herself to the world and explained what her channel would be about. As of writing, her YouTube uploads are mostly vlogs, dance videos, shorts, and long-form videos.

According to Ventured, Swatosh is earning around $187,000 from YouTube monthly and $2.81 million a year.

Tabitha Swatosh Instagram

Just like on TikTok and YouTube, Swatosh also makes money from sponsored posts, brand endorsements, and collaborations on Instagram. As of October 2022, Swatosh has more than 1.6 million followers on Instagram.

Tabitha Swatosh as a model

Tabitha Swatosh net worth is also boosted by the salary she gets from working as a model and brand ambassador. She has worked as a model and ambassador for Calvin Klein, Dell, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and even for YouTube for a Coachella campaign.

Tabitha Swatosh house and car

Tabitha Swatosh net worth is also bumped up by the value of her real estate properties and vehicles. While the price tags of her houses and cars are not public knowledge, the online sensation currently lives in a mansion in a suburban area of Las Vegas and drives a Porsche car at her current residence.

Tabitha Swatosh age

Tabitha Swatosh age is currently 22 years old. She was born on August 25th, 2022.

Where is Tabitha Swatosh from?

Swatosh was born in Kansas but spent most of her childhood in Missouri after her parents moved there. She is the eldest of three children. She has a younger brother, named Blake Swatosh, and a younger sister, who both occasionally appear in her videos.

Tabitha Swatosh education

Not much is known about Swatosh’s educational background. But according to reports, she attended a local high school and graduated from Missouri State University.

Tabitha Swatosh and Matt Ryan

Tabitha Swatosh's ex-boyfriend Matt Ryan
Tabitha Swatosh’s ex-boyfriend Matt Ryan | Credit: Matt Ryan/Instagram

Swatosh previously dated her fellow digital content creator, Matthew Ryan, a.k.a. Matt Ryan. They made their relationship public in August 2020 but broke up in 2021.

Who is Tabitha Swatosh dating?

Tabitha Swatosh's rumored boyfriend Michael Sanzone
Tabitha Swatosh’s rumored boyfriend Michael Sanzone | Credit: Michael Sanzone/Instagram

Swatosh is believed to be dating fellow TikTok star, Michael Sanzone. While the two have yet to officially confirm their relationship, their recent matching Instagram posts suggest that they are girlfriend and boyfriend.

Is Tabitha Swatosh in Hype House?

Tabitha Swatosh and her fellow Hype House members
Tabitha Swatosh and her fellow Hype House members

Created in 2019 by Chase Hudson and YouTube star Thomas Petrou, Hype House is a reality TV series starring a group of Gen Z influencers from viral TikTok videos. The show’s first season premiered on Netflix in January 2022. While Swatosh joined the show as one of its new members in February 2022, she revealed in a YouTube video in July 2022 that she left the series.

Sources: Ventured, Sportskeeda

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