Victrola creates a turntable for Sonos speakers

Until now, there’s been no easy and efficient way to wirelessly connect a turntable to a Sonos speaker system, but the Victrola Stream Carbon changes all that.

Victrola has announced the Victrola Stream Carbon, a wireless vinyl record player made in collaboration with Sonos. It’s the first ever record player that has been specially designed to integrate with the Sonos speaker ecosystem.

The Victrola Stream Carbon is Victrola and Sonos’ attempt to tap into the recent rise of interest in vinyl records across the globe. The device comes with a premium design that, according to Victrola, includes “a low-resonance veneer plinth with premium metal turntable components and a carbon fiber tonearm with a custom-designed removable headshell.” In other words, this is a high-end record player, that should satisfy audiophiles while also being super simple to integrate with a Sonos system.

Unlike regular vinyl record players, the Victrola Stream Carbon wirelessly connects to Sonos speakers to provide music lovers with an improved vinyl listening experience. The device optimizes sound reproduction to deliver a dynamic sound thanks to the Ortofon Red 2M moving magnetic cartridge, which features a tipped Elliptical diamond, split pole pins, and an advanced engine.

Since the Victrola Stream Carbon has been certified by the Works with Sonos program, Sonos owners do not need additional equipment to connect the device with any speaker in the Sonos ecosystem.

Victrola Stream Carbon

Sonos device owners can easily set up the Victrola Stream Carbon using the Victrola Stream app, and then control it using the Sonos app. On the other hand, they can also opt to control their Victrola Stream Carbon using the illuminated control knob on the device.

Victrola Stream Carbon pricing and availability

The Victrola Stream Carbon is currently available for pre-order for $799 at Shipping will begin in next month.

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